What are the Benefits of Merino Wool?

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Why do we love merino wool?

Merino is 100% natural…

We use superfine 100% merino across our baby knitwear and nursery accessories. Our merino is super-washed making it a practical solution for busy parents.

Merino is a natural breathable fibre allowing your baby’s skin to breath, absorbing and releasing moisture to help regulate your baby’s body temperature.

Did  you know that you can dress your baby in merino all year round keeping your baby cool in summer and snug and cosy in winter?

Our superfine merino is non allergenic and gentle on your baby’s skin and perfect for babies suffering from dermatitis, eczema or sensitive skin.

Why should you choose merino wool for your baby?

  • Machine washable (wool 30 degree)
  • Resistant to odours
  • Perfect for your baby for all year round
  • Non scratchy on sensitive skin
  • A natural biodegradable, breathable fibre that is both renewable and sustainable.
  • Merino has a natural UV barrier keeping your baby protected from harmful rays.

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