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Our Top 10 Tips for fun in the sun with your little beach baby

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Parents and baby on beach
  1. If possible try to avoid sun exposure between 12pm-3pm. This is a perfect time for a siesta for your baby.
  2. If your baby is younger than six months try to avoid the sun altogether. You can buy UPF50 pop up tents which are perfect for protecting your baby from the sun. They also offer privacy for feeding and cat-naps.
  3. Depending on the age of your baby apply sunscreen before you go to the beach and apply evenly at regular intervals throughout the day, especially before and after dips in the water.
  4. Babies don’t usually like keeping hats on so try and find a sun hat that you can secure to protect your baby’s head, sunglasses too if your baby is older.
  5. A full body sun suit offers wonderful protection for all children but especially babies under 12 months.
  6. Find a shady spot to escape and cool off or take a trip to the beach late afternoon when its cooler and quieter.
  7. Keep your beach bag topped up with extra swim nappies and change regularly.
  8. Keep some cooled boiled water handy to keep your baby hydrated.
  9. Baby beach ware? Keep it simple…Merino or cotton will keep your baby comfortable all day long.
  10. Keep anti-bac wipes and hand gel in your beach bag…perfect for wiping sandy fingers and toes!
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