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My Happy Place

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I have always loved the coast, my earliest memories as a child growing up were happy beach day picnics with friends and family, jumping waves as they rolled in, exploring rock pools and building sandcastles at the edge of the shore until it was time to go home. I feel very blessed to live in Cornwall and have the coast right on my doorstep. The perfect day is an early morning trip to Sennen Cove on the north coast, a stunning beach with golden sand and crystal-clear water. In the summer months it gets very busy, so I like to arrive early and enjoy the tranquillity, a perfect time to begin a blog post or take some coastal product pics for Coastal Baby, but always includes coffee and a swim.

The beauty of living on the coast is watching the ever-changing seasons, calm still waters from late spring through summer to stormy seas and crashing waves during the winter. The north coast is very rugged and can sometimes be a little unpredictable and the weather can vary. The waves at Sennen are perfect for surfing as well as swimming.

I really enjoy my work in London, but the coast is never far away in my mind, and I am always counting the days until I return home to Cornwall. As an island the UK is surrounded by the sea and it’s easy for us all to take it for granted. Life by the sea has lots of proven health benefits such as the ability to help you relax, feel calm and keep your mind and body connected. The sea air is great for your respiratory system and helps to alleviate conditions such as Asthma and sinus issues, with plenty of Vitamin D available which makes you feel happier and energised.

We are so lucky living in the UK surrounded by stunning coastlines up and down the country, each and every one unique with its own history. I have been lucky enough to travel to many beautiful beaches, but Cornwall will always be my happy place that I am proud to call home.

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