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A Cornish Christmas…

Cornwall is the land of giants, pirates, folklore and fun festivities especially at Christmas time. These are just a few of our Cornish traditions.

The Montol Solstice Festival

West Cornwall celebrates with friends, family and a glass or two of mulled wine on December 21st traditionally the Feast of St Thomas and winter solstice. The celebrations include Christmas markets, carol singers choirs, dancers and local musicians.

Christmas lights on the quay

Cornwall historically is believed to be when past worshipping pagans lit candles during the solstice in a hope that the sun would return after the darkness of the long winter months. Local Christmas lights are beautifully lit across the county of Cornwall throughout December and are celebrated worldwide

The Cornish Bush

This is a Cornish twist on the classic traditional Christmas wreath, made by weaving holly, mistletoe and ivy beautifully decorated with local apples. According to pagan beliefs the Cornish bush represents new life and should be displayed in your home on the 20th of December. Many believe that if it is lit with a candle the night of the 20th of December and dance underneath it then you are paying homage to the god of light as a celebration of Christmas.

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