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100% Merino… A natural choice for your baby.

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If you are a parent of young baby diagnosed with a skin condition such as Dermatitis or Eczema it must be heartbreaking to see your baby suffering. As a child I suffered with painful eczema so I understand first hand the symptoms of burning hot flaky skin and constant scratching to try and relieve the itchiness.

How we dress our babies and the fibres we choose play an essential part of protecting our babies and help soothe irritated skin. The Australian Wool Innovation has funded new research proving that wearing 100% superfine merino wool has amazing healing qualities for Eczema prone skin. Merino wool is a breathable fibre avoiding moisture settling on your baby’s skin therefore acting as a thermostat, keeping your baby warm and cosy when it’s cold and cool and comfortable in warmer weather.

Superfine Merino is as soft as silk next to your baby’s skin and offers many solutions when dressing your little one. A one piece is cool and simple for Spring and Summer or as several layers during Autumn and Winter. Merino is the perfect addition to your baby’s wardrobe all year round whatever the weather.

It has also been scientifically proven that parents of babies wearing Merino have noticed a significant improvement in their baby’s sleep patterns, sleeping soundly and for longer stretches. How amazing is that?

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